Monday, October 13, 2008

Boy oh boy..

I find Mens fashion to be really inspirational. I often find myself in awe of the selection and price ranges that men have to work with. The simplicity and the pureness of mens designs is exactly what I feel is missing in womens fashion (I am refering to the more 'mainstream' boutiques/lines when I say this). Ofcourse there are high-end designers who specialize in making womens clothing with minimalistic extra frill, such as Alexander Wang, Acne, Calvin Klein etc. I find it quite funny how one has to pay more for items to not have the extra, unnecessary, details that make me cringe! It's almost as if one is bribing the designers to not make ugly clothes! It's like 'STOP! Okey, we get it! Keep it simple! We'll pay you to stop!'. This is exactly why I love the new trend of incorporating masculine pieces into feminine looks, resulting in the perfect balance. Here are some male style perspectives, that I find to be very inspirational...


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Billie Jean said...

I think the same about it! You are so right. I also love the simple designs of mens clothing!