Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can you read my mind?

I find that I go through a heck of a lot of different odd phases... My lastest obsession was books. I think I read up to two books each week for a while. It's certainly a great way to feel productive and get your mind working. I personally like to read books that have some sort of insight, either journeys of the soul or books that question society and make you think of things in another way. I love books and film, and I think I like to live my life as if it were one.. as if I were the lead character in a movie. It makes life a little bit more interesting. I think I'd even like to write a book some day. Keep it short and sweet. Anyway, enough about my wackiness. Here are some of my favorite books...

This is my ultimate favorite book. It's about Mitch Albom and a history professor, Morrie Schwartz, who had formed a strong and meaningful bond during their years together at Brandeis University where Mitch was a student. After graduation, they promise to stay in touch, but this ofcourse does not happen. Morrie is eventually diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) several years later and is dying. His story is featured on TV, which Mitch sees, and leads him to seek contact with his former professor who had once meant so much to him. This visit turns into regular meetings - on Tuesdays. While Morrie's health is declining, he shares his wisdom about life with his student. It is a book that deeply impacts the reader and one gets a sense of what the real important things in life are from someone who has very little time left. It's a true story too.

I can really relate to this book as I also have had a teacher in my life who made a great impact on me. It was during my 10th year when I had moved abroad to another country. I began studying at an english speaking school and met a teacher named Mr. Moore. He was my science teacher. He looked like something out of a book. A mad scientist with white hair, a beard and relatively large glasses. A scary man I must say. Mr. Moore demanded respect, and he received it too - he expected nothing else. I had never been very good in the sciences before, but he had such an impact on me that made me feel asthough I didn't want to deliver anything that would be below his great expectations of me. I worked very hard, borrowed books about science from the library, did research online, and even stayed after class in order for him to explain the things that I hadn't been able to understand during class in a different way. The best moment, one that I will never forget, was when he, infront of the whole class, told me that I should become a scientist as I was too much of an intelligent and logical thinker who payed such great attention to detail that I would just be wasting myself if I went into the area of the arts for my higher education. His wife was an artist, so it meant alot to me. It's nice to hear comformation from people you really respect. After my year abroad, I haven't spoken to him again. It kind of pains me actually, as odd as it may seem.. and I think I shed a tear or two while reading this book because it made me think of him.

This book was the first book I ever read writen by my favorite author Mitch Albom. Not going to write as extensively about it, but it too really affects the reader. It is more about the mother/child relationship. It's a must read, you'll really end up appreciating your parents more and want to treat them better each day.

The Alchemist is a very well known book about finding your lifes purpose and following your dream. Really insightful... although, I did feel a little empty after having reading it. The great lesson is that the journey is more important than the actual goal that one is reaching for.


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Dapper Kid said...

I will definately have to check out Tuesdays with Morrie!! And I absolutely adore The Alchemist :)