Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In my review..

Lately I've been thinking about ordering a new book to read. I need new material. The last book I read was "The picture of Dorian Gray" (however, I got a little freaked out when Dorian turned into a crazy person and murdered the painter). Not my idea of a good read. And the whole idea of Dorian becoming more and more of a bad person was kind of disturbing.
One book that I have been wanting to read for quite sometime is "Scar Tissue" by Anthony Kiedis, as I've heard that it's a very well written book. A New York Times Bestseller as well. Even people who don't necessarily enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers music praise the book. So I think I'll just have to order this book today...

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issa said...

aww i like red hot chili peppers! looks awesome.