Friday, October 3, 2008

You still mean so much to me, if you only knew... So I keep on writing songs for you

Was thinking about relationships today, how the really good ones are built on a balance of give and take. I don't think I've ever experienced a relationship that has been fairly balanced... I personally love to give to my friends, I like to be the kind of friend that I would want myself. I take joy in giving small thoughtful gifts to people that I know will make them happy, cause' it's fun to know that you've contributed to making someone elses' day. For example, I think it was approximentaly a month ago, a friend of mine had mentioned that she was longing to see the movie "Forest Gump". She had asked basically everyone she knew if they had it and if she could borrow it. No one had it. She asked me as well ofcourse, and I didn't have it either. The next day, I sent her a textmessage and told her to check her mailbox when she came home from work. In her mailbox I had left the movie with a big red bow on it :) I had gone out to buy it earlier that day. I love doing things like that, it makes people feel appreiciated, the way we all want to feel. I think we all need to show more appreiciation for the people we love.. It's a shame to not know how many people care about you..


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Ana said...

Here, here to this big time! I'm going to link this in one of my up coming link collection posts--very sweetly expressed.