Saturday, November 22, 2008

City song

Lately, all my posts have been fashion related. It's funny how different states of mind really affect what one is interested in and thinks about. One can go through different phases, listen to certain music, watch certain shows, and as a result, feel totally different than the week before. At least that's how it is for me. It affects how inspired I am and how my blog evolves.

I sometimes find myself wondering what draws readers to this blog. Is it what I write that is of interest, or the pictures that I post, or the whole experience? From my perspective, I'm inspired by blogs that reveal the personality of the blogger. It's fun to see how they interpret their world in their own unique way, through words or pictures. One feels a connection.

My personal goal is to create an experience of what my world is. How I think and see the world. We are all different, that's why we don't always see things in the same light. I think it's fun to escape my world for a moment and experience anothers. One can learn so much by being exposed to someone else's interpretation of life experiences. This is the reason I love blogs.
Picture: cobrasnake


Petra said...

I completely agree with you, blogs are a way to gain a new perspective on all aspects of life through experiencing and viewing them through anothers eyes.

Your blog does just this, it is so wonderful and inspiring x

detailsofthefabric said...

great post. =) i enjoy reading others' blogs so much too because it allows me to almost guess what their lives must be like... just discovered your blog and i'm liking it!