Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'Cause this is the way we walk

I love this editorial from Vogue España, the November 2008 issue. Appropriately named "La estilista" (the stylist), it is a tribute to the Vogue Paris stylists Carine, Emmanuelle and Marie-Amélie. These pictures make me want to book a flight to Paris, dress to the nines, walk the stone streets, sit at cafés, and watch people go by. Pictures: thefashionspot


kristin said...

Hi Franki...
so yes, you'll be able to buy Erin Wasson's line our the RVCA website in Jan/Feb. It just hasn't come out yet ;) I'll keep you posted.


kristin said...

I meant Skye!!!!!
Sorry love!


Cindiddy said...

HEY! cool blog! love those photos!
they are lovely! => => =>

Erik dudezine.se said...

Nice that you like our blog:D We like u for the very same reason! Welcome to Dudezine.se , franki

Anonymous said...

This editorial is really cool - I love this sort of edgy look even though I just can't seem to work it! :D