Sunday, December 28, 2008

Filippa K, Pre Spring 09

The first outfit is fantastic, I love the look. I am not too convinced about the third outfit, though, and the idea of combining the grey sweater with the beige dress. I've never really liked the combination of grey and beige, it doesn't do anything for me. The wide leg pants with the fold at the bottoms is a little unsettling as well, would have rather seen them straight - or a slightly skinnier pant rolled up. I like the simplicity of the collection, though, something Filippa K always brings to the table. All in all, I've got mixed reviews.. What do you think?

"Characterised by emphasis on volume in a triangular silhouette, Pre Collection S09 has Filippa K looking towards a young femininity. The colour palette varies from soft neutral greys and mauves to a warm apricot used in a clean graphic print.

Wide pleated pants, voluminous skirts and puff sleeves are paired with flared denim and sweatshirt materials to create the interesting mix between dressed and casual that Filippa K embodies."

Pictures and quoted description:

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