Sunday, January 18, 2009

My list...

During these past couple months of writing on this website, I feel as though my understanding of fashion has grown to become more in-depth. I’ve started to look at fashion in a different way as a result of observing the skills, techniques and interpretations of others, such as people within the fashion world and other fashion writers/”bloggers”. When this website was first created, my incentive was to share, with who ever who was interested, photos, websites, and other things that I personally liked. It was merely supposed to be an electronic scrapbook. However, it has become much more than that for me - more of a tool of reflection, and hopefully for you as readers as well.

As a result, I have come up with a few “rules”, or points, that I personally keep in mind in order to be able to dress the way I want, under the inspiration of the fashion people that influence me so much. It’s easy to find pictures of outfits that one admires, but the skill of actually making that look work for you, and breaking it down into individual pieces to be able to pair together yourself, is much more difficult.

So I thought I’d list a few points here...

1. First of all, the most important colour in my fashion vocabulary is Black. It is the ultimate colour of style, chiqueness and quality. Why, one might ask? Well, ever since the 16th century, black has been considered a colour that indicates wealth and prosperity. Cloth requires much more dye to become black in comparison to any other colour. Who doesn’t look good in black anyway? - It’s slimming as well. If one looks at all the most well-known and admired fashionistas and editors, one notices that the colour black is their red thread.

2. One of my most important rules, which I strongly believe should never, under any circumstances, be broken, is to never - I repeat - never wear skin coloured stockings. It’s wrong on so many levels. Even the skinniest people, and those who have fantastic legs, never look good in them. Stockings should always be in a dark colour, preferably black - and definitely not white.

3. It’s all about the details, but simplicity is very important. As the man behind The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, once explained, he searches for people that have unique details incorporated in their outfits, things that pop and are personal. It should never be overdone, it’s all about knowing what to emphasis in your outfit. It could be an amazing pair of shoes, a fantastic bag, or a coat that has an artistic appeal. All your other pieces should compliment that one amazing detail.

4. This one is simple, don’t buy things just because you think they’re nice. Keep in mind that it will only look good if it suits your body shape.

5. This last one is a personal favorite - add an unexpected and unusual piece or detail to your outfit. This makes it more interesting and separates you from everyone else. I am a strong believer in that outfits shouldn't always be "obviously" too well put together and co-ordinated. Like I said, there should be something that isn't expected! This is what all the icons have, something risky that somehow works for them. That's what one admires, it's the skill of pulling it off!

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