Saturday, January 31, 2009

A snapshot

I've been thinking a bit the past couple days about changes. I mean changes to us as individuals. It's funny that when we think we are standing still, so many changes occur that we aren't quite aware of. We so often just live our lives from day to day, getting by, and looking forward to something - a goal, a beginning of something new. When we are caught up in looking forward, we sometimes forget who we are in the now. We don't realize what we have become, and are constantly looking forward to what we want to become. We forget that we are continuously changing, and that we have changed a lot from the person we were several years ago. Once we take the time to actually think about who we are, we are amazed by how far we've come since we last checked. It's an exciting process. But not only that, to be able to think back about how you were as a child, and how you are now, is amazing as well. If you come across a picture of yourself as a kid, you might think back and remember the qualities you possessed then. You probably still have those qualities now. Maybe in a different shape or form, but I think they'll still be there. It's sad that so many of us try to change who we are to fit what we perceive to be the accepted norm. By trying to change ourselves, we alter ourselves. Does this make us any happier? Or do we become discontent with who we are, because we aren't ourselves anymore? We become a "knock-off" of what we think we should be. When one thinks about the qualities one wishes to possess, one realizes that they already have most of those qualities, they just have to put more faith in themselves and believe that it's true.
Picture: thecobrasnake

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