Friday, January 2, 2009

"This is your life"

"So this is the New Year, and I don't feel any different..", as Death Cab for Cutie sings in their song simply named "The New Year". In contrast, I do feel different. I think many of us do - and although it's very typical to say that the year to come will be the best year ever, I think most of us really believe it will be. It's a new beginning. A chance to remove all old and dysfunctional, and bring in the new and exciting. For me, New Years Eve usually feels like an 'out of body' experience. When the clock strikes twelve, everything seems to slow down, and I almost go numb. The world feels so small. In a few minutes one can examine their life. Your life during the past year, your whole life in general. The music playing in the background distances itself. You experience the joys, the excitement, the good and the bad, once again in almost a second. It can leave you with a funny feeling, as you separate yourself from what you are and have become. The underlying feeling of the hope of what is to come is strong. One feels it in their veins, and can make you a bit antsy. A new year means you have the chance to re-new yourself, and that's what I find exciting. You can re-design your life and make it the best year you've had. It's a blank canvas, you are the artist. Anything's possible.

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