Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All these things that we know

As I am a strong believer in books as being a method of preparing oneself for life, I was recently drawn to William A. Alcott's guide and just had to read it. It might seem like an odd choice, as it is meant for young men, but Alcotts advice is truly eye-opening and can really apply to anyone. 'Formation of character', 'Amusement and indulgences', 'improvement of the mind', and 'Social and moral improvement', are among the many subjects covered by Alcott in this book.

In the introduction, Alcott explains how it is such a shame that so many elders leave this world without passing on their knowledge of life and the lessons they have learned. He expresses that the purpose of the book was to pass on the knowledge of life he himself had acquired to future generations. Such a brilliant idea, yet so simple. The way Alcott, sometimes harshly, puts forth his views is quite amusing, and although it was written in 1846, the greater portion of the book is still relevant to today's society. Blunt, honest, and wise - Alcott's book offers refreshing and interesting advice. His way of writing is truly an inspiration to me personally.

It's all about passing forward knowledge, and taking what applies to ourselves. Not one page went by where I didn't underline a profound sentence that I took to heart and didn't want to forget.
Another book I have recently read is "My Favorite American", written by the Canadian author Dennis McCloskey. As I mentioned above, I am a believer in books as being a method of learning about life and this is another book from which one can learn so much. Valen, about whom this inspiring biography is written, is an amazing young woman whose brushes with death have taught her so many life lessons, leading her to live everyday as if it were her last.

Valen is truly a strong spirit who has overcome so many hardships so early in her life. She has emerged as an amazing young woman and an inspiration to all. It opens your eyes to the realization of what man is capable of overcoming. It's a story of courage, strength, and faith. The message is to just keep on fighting and live your life to the fullest each and every moment. The author has certainly managed to remind us that our purpose in life is not singular, and through the good and the bad, we have the ability to reach out and touch others in the most life changing ways. Valen Cover is certainly living that philosophy. Dennis McCloskey has written an unforgettable story about how our paths sometimes take unexpected turns, and how the power of fate manages to guide us to life's truths.

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